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This Week in Social Entrepreneurship: Networking, Conferences, Social Entrepreneurship All Over the Globe, and More!


Social entrepreneurship is all around the globe.

We are almost done with 2 months of 2017. How has it been for you in terms of starting good?

Check below for new links to events, news reports, and inspirational articles. We hope you find them useful!


Opportunities and Events

Social Entrepreneurs Networking Evening – March 2, Haymarket HQ

If you are in Sydney and want to meet fellow aspiring entrepreneurs or have drinks with founders (and maybe learn about internship or job opportunities with them) of established social enterprises, join this networking event on March 2 at Haymarket HQ. Tickets are for $15. Grab yours now!

#StartingGood Social Enterprise Virtual Summit – March 21-31

Do you want to know more about how to start good this year? We are bringing you a FREE webinar where you will hear from seasoned social entrepreneurs and experts regarding practical tools you would need to start good. Stay tuned and register your interest! It is available to you no matter where you are in the world.

7 ‘Can’t Miss’ Conferences for Entrepreneurs in 2017

Forbes has listed out some wonderful entrepreneurship conferences for you if you are in the US (or plan to be in the coming year). Check them out!


News, Reports, Insights

Report: Canada Ranked Second-Best Country for Social Entrepreneurs

Next to the US, the Thomson Reuters Foundation, in partnership with Deutsche Bank and Global Social Entrepreneurship Network found that Canada is the second-best country for social entrepreneurs in terms of environment for scaling and growing these businesses.

Promoting innovation through social entrepreneurship

Read about what social entrepreneurship is like in the Philippines and how they use this to promote innovation within the country.

The lives and lies of social entrepreneurs

Regarding making money, white lies, scepticism, a lonely life… Read all about what these truly mean for social entrepreneurs.



Social Innovation – the Last and Next Decade

Call this a short history lesson in terms of the space we are in – that is, social entrepreneurship. See how it has been in the past 10 years and see where it is going. It is all interesting and good fun!

10 Ted Talks For The Freelancer Who Needs Inspiration

There is nothing like motivation from a good TED talk. If you are a creative freelancer, these ones could be targeted directly at you. Enjoy!

9 inspiring books every woman entrepreneur must read

Are you a woman entrepreneur and was wondering about books to add to your reading list? Well, you are welcome! Here are some you can check out.


Let us know if you have events, opportunities, resources, news, insights, and other articles you would like to share. Email us at with “TWISE” in the subject line.

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#StartingGood Social Enterprise Virtual Summit


Hello, change makers! We are excited to formally announce the #StartingGood Social Enterprise Virtual Summit, a free webinar for social entrepreneurs and aspiring change makers.

In 2014, StartSomeGood held a virtual summit that brought together various experts and speakers to talk about tools and tactics for creating social change. From March 21-31, 2017 we’re doing it again, only bigger and better than before!

We are bringing together some of the world’s most inspiring and insightful entrepreneurs, academics and trainers to provide practical tips on how to get started, tools for social change, avoiding burn-out, and much more.

You will hear from social entrepreneurs further along in their journey, who will share their mistakes to help you avoid them, and what they’ve learned along the way. You will have access to some of the best online trainers in storytelling, fundraising, personal sustainability and marketing.


Stay tuned for more great speakers, whom we will introduce in the lead up to the event.

Register your interest here or follow us on Twitter to stay posted. Can’t wait to have you with us!

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This Week in Social Entrepreneurship: Networking, Summits, Conventions, News and More!


Meet with entrepreneurs – whether they are already seasoned or still aspiring – and learn as much as you can!

Hey change makers, hope you have all been having a good week! We are back with links to events, news items, and articles to put on your radar!


Opportunities and Events

Social Entrepreneur Networking Evening – March 2, Haymarket HQ, Sydney

Join StartSomeGood’s networking event to meet some social entrepreneurs across Sydney. Confirmed founding entrepreneurs attending include Tom Dawkins (StartSomeGood), David Gravina (Compost Revolution, Digital Eskimo), Rebecca Tapp (Supernova Tribe), Elena Antoniou (Mighty Good Undies), Jay Boolkin (Social Change Central), Ben Pecotich (Dynamic4), and Margaret O’Brien (Young Change Agents). If you’re interested in the social entrepreneurship space or are looking for a part-time gig, this will surely be worth attending! Tickets are now available. Get in quick!

#StartingGood Social Enterprise Virtual Summit

Next month, hear all about tools for social change, how to get started, and so much more from insightful entrepreneurs and trainers in a free-to-access virtual summit. Stay tuned and register your interest now!

Youth Food Movement Australia

Join a 9-month program for change makers in food and agriculture. Choose between registering for the full program or Session Two only. Register until 26 February!

The Entrepreneurs’ Unconvention

Register your interest for a bigger and better “unconvention” in Australia and New Zealand this 2017!


News, Reports, Insights

Start-up Air Trunk raises $400 million for data centres

The Singapore digital startup, Air Trunk, will be constructing flagship stores in Melbourne and Sydney after raising $400 million. Read their story here.

Alleviating poverty through entrepreneurship

In the Philippines, one of the government’s main priorities has been ridding the country of poverty. Look at how the government has been looking into focusing on entrepreneurship to solve this.

Entrepreneurship and Philantropy to Take Center Stage at Star-Studded Gala

Read about the City Gala in Los Angeles, which took place on February 11 and 12. The event focused on gathering to talk about creating a brighter future through charity.



Tackling the Gender Gap in Entrepreneurship

Research has shown that female entrepreneurs have it even harder than females climbing the corporate ladder (and we know they do not have it easy at all). This interesting article talks about how workplace diversity is not the same thing as equality and how the gender gap is addressed in entrepreneurship.

Seven surprising mistakes Australian entrepreneurs make

We can learn a thing or two from other entrepreneurs who have had more experience in the entrepreneurship sphere. Whether it’s lack of forward planning, not talking to your customers, or more, we can learn from what seasoned entrepreneurs consider mistakes. As we know, we learn from our own mistakes; and we can learn from others’ too.

Should You Go to College If You Want to Be an Entrepreneur?

You may be asking: If I already know that I want to be an entrepreneur, is it worth going to college? The answer will be different for various people. Read this article for a different spin on it.


Send us links to events, opportunities, resources, news, insights, and other articles that you would like us to publish at

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This Week in Social Entrepreneurship: Summits and Competitions, Startup News, and More!


Get mentors and set yourself up for success this year!

Social entrepreneurs and startups are rising up this year. There are also multiple mentorship opportunities and summits you can be a part of if this is a space you would like to be in. Links are all below!


Opportunities and Events 

#StartingGood Social Enterprise Virtual Summit 

Learn how to start good this year in a free-to-access virtual summit this March 2017. We are bringing together some of the world’s most inspiring and insightful entrepreneurs, academics and trainers to give you tips on tools for social change, how to get started, and so much more. Stay tuned and register your interest now. Also, support the crowdfunding campaign here and choose among a plethora of exciting rewards including discounts on books, Social Change membership,  Social Enterprise Networking Event in Sydney, Crowdfunding masterclasses, and more!

Kickstarter Business Plan Mentoring 

If you are an early stage social venture, join Kickstarter’s business plan competition and small grants program sponsored by the Macquarie Group Foundation. Pitch days will be by the end of March in Sydney, Melbourne, and in virtual format as well. Applications close 24 February 2017.

K50 Application: 50 of the World’s Most Innovative Companies Founded by the Next Generation 

Present your venture at the Kairos Society Global Summit on April 20-22, 2017 on the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Applications end 13 February 2017!

Storytelling Workshops

Join Digital Storytellers on March 18 – 19 in Sydney and March 4-5 in Melbourne to learn make the most out of the power of storytelling that is in your hands. Register now!


News, Reports, Insights

Artificial Intelligence Is Now Ready For Social Entrepreneurs 

There are current developments in making Artificial Intelligence an effective tool for social entrepreneurs who do not necessarily have a background in technology.

Are MBAs Still Hungry For Startups? 

Read all about startups and their relevance to the MBA world. Also in this article are some stats on startups like Deliveroo, Linio, DoorDash, NuBank, and Grofers.

SproutX opens first co-working space for agriculture start-ups 

SproutX just opened Australia’s first co-working space specifically for agriculture startups. The office is located in Melbourne and is a huge opportunity for those startups that are getting into the country’s $60 billion industry.

What Snapchat’s IPO means for Indian tech startups 

Snapchat has just recently announced that they are going public but will be the first US company to do this without granting voting rights on the company’s functioning to investors. This article explores what this announcement’s implications will be on tech startups particularly those located in India.



5 rising startups in Japan 

It is always inspiring to read about growing startups and businesses to know that you are not alone in your quest. Read about these 5 rising startups in Japan: 3Minute, Folio, Xtreme Design, Unibo, and Lendy. 

This Social Entrepreneur is Transforming Rural Lives 

The social enterprise Mrida is focusing on making lives better in rural India through small yet meaningful interventions. Read all about their story here.

Social entrepreneurship – need of the hour 

This is an interesting take on the vitality of social entrepreneurship on the wealth-accumulating society.


Send us links you would like to share at We would love to add them on here!

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This Week in Social Entrepreneurship: Let’s Start Good This Year!


Don’t just bury those ideas. Start good with them this year!

Hey, everyone! On our part of the world, we celebrated Australia Day yesterday! It was filled with good fun. We hope you had a wonderful day, too.

This week, we are back with links to different events, articles, and resources we thought would help you in your social entrepreneurship schemes. Have a read through them.


Opportunities and Events 

#StartingGood Social Enterprise Virtual Summit

Learn how to start good this year! We at StartSomeGood are bringing you the #StartingGood Social Enterprise Virtual Summit for social entrepreneurs and aspiring changemakers. It is free to access and you will get the chance to hear from social entrepreneurs and thought leaders on their experiences and insights regarding how to get started, tools for social change, how to avoid burnout, and so much more. We are currently running a crowdfunding campaign for this project. Check it out and, together, let’s help people start good!

The MCIC Catalyst-in-Residence Program

The Michael Crouch Innovation Centre at UNSW is bringing together innovators who are helping build a connected community of startups. There is space for 16 teams in the first half of this year. Apply until 30 January here.

Third Phx Startup Week announces keynotes, events and pitch contest

On February 20-24, the third annual Phoenix Startup Week will bring entrepreneurs and startups the opportunity to gain insight from startup veterans and learn from the successes and failures of the startup community.

OrganiseUs Digital Incentive

Grab your tickets for February 27 to March 3 in Melbourne, Australia for a five-day intensive training program in digital organising skills. Learn with various digital strategists, campaigners, and organisers from across Australia, the US and UK. Get on it now!

Top 50 Events for Young Entrepreneurs

Check out this list from Under30CEO, a place where you can surround yourself with the most motivated young people on earth, for 50 events for young entrepreneurs. With all these events, there is bound to be at least one that piques your interest.


News, Reports, Insights

How this social entrepreneur is moving Haiti away from aid toward trade 

Read about Bridge Capital and how they provide businesses loans when they do not qualify for Haiti’s conservative banking sector.

The Problem With How We Define Social Entrepreneurship 

Social entrepreneurship is usually defined as “an entrepreneurial venture with a social mission – where all profits are funneled back into the business to further social mission”. Read this article to understand what is (or isn’t) wrong with that.

Silicon Valley Company Helps Immigrants Stay in US to Build Startups

Read this story about how a Silicon Valley company is sponsoring a tech startup idea from an immigrant in the US.



Meet the 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneurs Changing Europe in 2017

Go through this list and be inspired as you read about 30 entrepreneurs who are still under 30 and already making waves in Europe.

6 Lessons For Social Entrepreneurs From 2016

While 2016 is now a thing of the past, let us not forget every single thing from it. Here are 6 lessons from the past year that we can take with us.

25 Inspiring Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2017

Here are some entrepreneurs to watch out for in 2017. Check them out!


If you have events, news, or inspirational notes you would like to share here, send it through at Tag it with “TWISE” in the subject line. 


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Interview Spotlight: Girl Academy

An interview with the team from Girl Academy. They are working to empower Indigenous teenage mothers to make positive choices by giving young women a safe, supportive and nurturing environment to complete their education – with their babies being cared for in an on-site nursery.


Why did you decide to crowdfund?

Girl Academy has captured the minds of the public since it launched in January 2016. Following widespread positive coverage in the print media, television & online news portals, we received many enquiries from people asking about how they could contribute. Holding a crowdfunding campaign seemed like the best way to give as many people as possible the chance to join our mission to empower young girls through education.

How are you keeping the momentum for your campaign going?

We are going to keep rolling the ball along. We’re two thirds of the way to our stretch target of $50k to fund the nursery for a year, but we are not going to kick our heels back and relax. We plan to keep posting updates on social media, reaching out to friends and family, contacting the media and key influencers, and so on. Our goal is to make sure we don’t stop creating interest and buzz to keep the campaign on the front pages.


What kind of support do changemakers in your community need?

Change needs more than commitment from a handful of people driving a single initiative; it requires commitment from each and every level in the community – in every organisation, in every family. The more people committing to making positive choices for themselves and their families, the more likely we as a community will be successful in making that change.

What does leadership mean to you?

Leadership is about bringing out the best in people – Inspiring the people around you to dream big, and empowering them to take the right steps towards turning their dreams to reality.


Why did you choose StartSomeGood as your partner?

In our early conversations with StartSomeGood (SSG), Jeshri, our project manager, came on board very enthusiastically with tons of tips and expertise. The SSG team easily identified with the need to empower Indigenous young women to make positive life choices for themselves and their babies. We felt that having such a capable and supportive team was extremely important to make the campaign a success

What’s your number one piece of advice for people who want to make a positive impact?

Be stubborn and cleave to your vision. It’s easy to get frustrated when you face a road block, so one should always celebrate small successes, and remember that little steps can add up to make a huge impact.

To learn more about Girl Academy, or to pledge support, visit here.

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Tipping Point: What it is, why it works.

NotjustAnotherPlatform_series_final (3)

In the earliest days of designing StartSomeGood, we had to make a decision about how to structure our fundraising model. We looked at other crowdfunding sites and debated whether to adopt the Kickstarter-style “all-or-nothing” model (where campaigns only receive funds if they’ve hit their goal) or IndieGoGo’s “keep what you raise” model (where campaigns receive all funds raised, regardless of goal).

But when looking at the priorities of our users and contributors, both models seemed to be lacking.

What if, we wondered, we could combine the best features of both and create a model uniquely designed for social entrepreneurs.  And thus the idea for the Tipping Point was born.

What is the Tipping Point, and how can design your campaign to take advantage of it?

On StartSomeGood you nominate two fundraising goals: your total goal and your Tipping Point goal. Your total goal is the dream amount you would like to raise to start the maximum amount of good. The Tipping Point is the all-or-nothing component of your campaign: this is the target you must reach in order to receive your pledges.

Why is this better for social entrepreneurs?

Because this is what we already do when we fundraise for community projects. I’ve spent my whole adult life involved in this process: designing projects, writing grant applications and fundraising from my community.  The target amounts for these campaigns usually represented our dream budget, with everything we felt would give us the greatest chances of success. They were ambitious stretch goals. But there was a second amount we always had in mind: the minimum amount we needed to start good.

For example, if we were trying to raise $15,000 for a project, we might be prepared to launch even if we only raised $10,000, cutting out some of the non-essential elements, or running a more limited pilot. This amount was the minimum we felt we needed to start good, the point at which we were prepared to get out there and make things happen.

The Tipping Point model makes these dual targets visible and transparent. The ability to list the Stretch Goal while highlighting the effect of incremental amounts raised beyond Tipping has the added effect of compelling donors to keep donating once you have reached fundraising goals.

We ask entrepreneurs to consider how much money is enough for them to commit to starting good. Because however well-intentioned, you can’t always start something from nothing. Even with all the volunteer support and community good-will in the world, some things cost money. Which is why having an all-or-nothing component of the campaign is important: changemakers can’t be expected to implement their vision regardless of the support they receive. 

Having a Tipping Point gives both donors and entrepreneurs security of outcome: your money only goes to the project if they have sufficient funds to deliver on their commitments, and entrepreneurs aren’t expected to work miracles if this support isn’t there.

Why not just have a single all-or-nothing goal?

Because with an all-or-nothing goal entrepreneurs tend to be expressing only this lower, minimal goal, fearful of aiming for too much, falling short and getting nothing. We want to allow social entrepreneurs to express more ambitious goals without risking everything. This ensures projects can more clearly express the social impact made possible by different levels of funding rather than just a single amount.

Tipping Points must represent the real Tipping Points in projects.

If your goal is to launch a program in two cities you can easily launch in just one if you only raise half your total goal. But if your project involves the purchase of a bus, you cannot simply buy half a bus if you fall short. Hence the Tipping Point.

It can help to show a general breakdown of costs to demonstrate how you arrived at your goals and your preparedness to take action. Though granular detail is certainly not required, transparency helps to build trust with potential donors. 

They also represent the amount of risk you are prepared to take on.

Do you go for the dream amount but risk falling short or identify a more modest goal which would still allow you to start some good? In evaluating this remember that the game dynamic of Tipping Points is very powerful: with funds already raised on the line your community is more likely to rally around your goal at the deadline to get you over the line.

This is partly because Tipping Points work like a matching grant – you use the funds pledged from your initial supporters to inspire your less-fervent supporters to chip in, increasing the impact of their contribution as you approach your Tipping Point.

We are committed to giving social entrepreneurs flexibility in designing their campaign, trusting that they understand better than us what is required to create the change they seek in their communities. Just as StartSomeGood welcomes all forms of social change initiatives, non-profit, for profit and unincorporated, we also allow each campaign to choose what component of their campaign is all-or-nothing, i.e. the placement of the Tipping Point, which can be between 25 and 100% of the total project goal.

We are always here to help you think through these issues and design a campaign that works best for you.

If you are ready to start some good, click here.