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This Week in Social Entrepreneurship: Let’s Start Good This Year!


Don’t just bury those ideas. Start good with them this year!

Hey, everyone! On our part of the world, we celebrated Australia Day yesterday! It was filled with good fun. We hope you had a wonderful day, too.

This week, we are back with links to different events, articles, and resources we thought would help you in your social entrepreneurship schemes. Have a read through them.


Opportunities and Events 

#StartingGood Social Enterprise Virtual Summit

Learn how to start good this year! We at StartSomeGood are bringing you the #StartingGood Social Enterprise Virtual Summit for social entrepreneurs and aspiring changemakers. It is free to access and you will get the chance to hear from social entrepreneurs and thought leaders on their experiences and insights regarding how to get started, tools for social change, how to avoid burnout, and so much more. We are currently running a crowdfunding campaign for this project. Check it out and, together, let’s help people start good!

The MCIC Catalyst-in-Residence Program

The Michael Crouch Innovation Centre at UNSW is bringing together innovators who are helping build a connected community of startups. There is space for 16 teams in the first half of this year. Apply until 30 January here.

Third Phx Startup Week announces keynotes, events and pitch contest

On February 20-24, the third annual Phoenix Startup Week will bring entrepreneurs and startups the opportunity to gain insight from startup veterans and learn from the successes and failures of the startup community.

OrganiseUs Digital Incentive

Grab your tickets for February 27 to March 3 in Melbourne, Australia for a five-day intensive training program in digital organising skills. Learn with various digital strategists, campaigners, and organisers from across Australia, the US and UK. Get on it now!

Top 50 Events for Young Entrepreneurs

Check out this list from Under30CEO, a place where you can surround yourself with the most motivated young people on earth, for 50 events for young entrepreneurs. With all these events, there is bound to be at least one that piques your interest.


News, Reports, Insights

How this social entrepreneur is moving Haiti away from aid toward trade 

Read about Bridge Capital and how they provide businesses loans when they do not qualify for Haiti’s conservative banking sector.

The Problem With How We Define Social Entrepreneurship 

Social entrepreneurship is usually defined as “an entrepreneurial venture with a social mission – where all profits are funneled back into the business to further social mission”. Read this article to understand what is (or isn’t) wrong with that.

Silicon Valley Company Helps Immigrants Stay in US to Build Startups

Read this story about how a Silicon Valley company is sponsoring a tech startup idea from an immigrant in the US.



Meet the 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneurs Changing Europe in 2017

Go through this list and be inspired as you read about 30 entrepreneurs who are still under 30 and already making waves in Europe.

6 Lessons For Social Entrepreneurs From 2016

While 2016 is now a thing of the past, let us not forget every single thing from it. Here are 6 lessons from the past year that we can take with us.

25 Inspiring Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2017

Here are some entrepreneurs to watch out for in 2017. Check them out!


If you have events, news, or inspirational notes you would like to share here, send it through at Tag it with “TWISE” in the subject line. 


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This Week in Social Entrepreneurship: More Things to Look Forward to in 2017!


Be with like-minded individuals in the different festivals you can join this year!

We hope you are all settling well into 2017. We are back this week with events and opportunities to add to your calendar & articles and news clips on social entrepreneurship around the globe. Enjoy!

Opportunities and Events

The Global Good Fund Announces 5th Annual Fellowship for Social Entrepreneurs

Now on its fifth year, learn more about The Global Good Fund’s annual fellowship for social entrepreneurs in partnership with Johnson & Johnson who will sponsor three fellows who have innovation ideas when it comes to healthcare challenges.

Startup Fest in Montreal – July 12-15, 2017

Join the Startup Festival in Montreal this July and be amongst global entrepenreneurs, founders, investors, and mentors. Startupfest is for everyone whether you are a startup or an investor. Register now as early bird tickets are up for grabs until 18 February!

SXSW in Austin, Texas – March 10-19, 2017

If you’re in Austin, Texas this March, drop by The South by Southwest Conference featuring professionals and big names in the creative industry. Visit their website for more details.

Radical Self Care Project 

Starting February 1, take part of a 28-day program that focuses on authentic and intentional self care, which tends to get buried under all the responsibilities we need to attend to. Check this out as it may be for you!


News, Reports, Insights

MSU launches speaker series January 19 featuring social entrepreneurs

Montana State University is kicking off a four-part social entrepreneurship speaker series. Speakers will impart knowledge on topics such as environmentally sustainable products, food security, autism and music education, and more. Visit their site for more details.

Millenials (and more) turn to business to make social change

Read this article from the University of Southern California News about how millenials are now more and more looking into businesses to make social change. In 2008, USC founded the first social enterprise program housed in an American business school known as Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab. Learn more about it through the link above.

JDC’s Social Hackathon aims to help vulnerable Israelis

In Israel, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Community hosted a social impact hackathon in partnership with large tech players like Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Microsoft. With over 100 participants in 30 mentors, the event asked the programmers to develop programs and apps to address challenges in Israel with regards to people of old age or with disabilities. 21 ideas were chosen to be further developed and 3 of these received top awards.



Relevance is vital for social entrepreneurship

The Hindu Business Line talks about the importance of relevance in the realm of social entreprenership and how the first step is to “understand the people at whom the venture or product is aimed”.

The profit in social impact: Business models that balance social relevance and bottom lines

There is a current rise in investments in enterprises whose business models give equal emphasis to profitability and social relevance. This is an interesting read especially for social entrepreneurs who strive for social impact.

The 17 Rules These Entrepreneurs Say You Should Break in 2017

Meet 17 entrepreneurs who share tips and secrets on what to give up this 2017. Learn from their experiences to be more productive, present, and healthy in growing your businesses and ideas this year.


Let us know if you have links you would like to share. Email us at with “TWISE” in the subject line. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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This week in Social Entrepreneurship: News and Events for you!


Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and prosperous New Year!

By now, we trust your holiday celebrations are in full swing. We hope you are all enjoying! Before you get into it again, we listed down some links we hope you find useful.

Opportunities and Events

Intro to Social Enterprise – Wellington (7 February 2017) 

What is a social enterprise? If you want to gain a better understanding, this is just the workshop for you. It will cover topics such as what you need, what to expect, and how to start. Tickets range from $10 – $20.

Social Enterprise for Not-for-Profits – Christchurch (15 March 2017) 

Akina Foundation brings you Social Enterprise for Not-for-Profits. Get your tickets from $10-$20 and learn all about growing income and creating new enterprises in this sphere at a three-hour interactive workshop.

Canadian Conference on Social Enterprise 2017 (May 10-12, 2017)

Mark your calendars for the sixth annual 3-day Canadian Conference on Social Enterprise 2017 from May 10 to 12. It will be held in Winnipeg and is brought to you by The Social Enterprise Council of Canada together with CCEDNET Manitoba. It will be a national learning experience that will allow you to dive in with local social enterprises in the area. Stay tuned on their site for registration details and early bird ticket availability.

Fledge9 (April – June 2017)

Fledge9 returns to Seattle next April-June. 10 weeks of intense guidance and education, a flood of mentors, introductions to potential partners and investors, plus at least $20,000 in cash.

All mission-driven for-profit startup from raw idea through $1 million in revenues are welcome to apply, from anywhere around the world.

If not yourself, then tell a friend. Word of mouth is how most fledglings find Fledge, and thus we need your help to spread the word.

Details at: Applications due by January 7th, 2017.


News, Reports, Insights

Social Entrepreneurs Can Transform Southeast Asia

Read about Forbes Magazine’s take on how social entrepreneurs can transform and make waves in developing economies.

This is What Social Responsibility Entrepreneurship Looks Like 

Huffington Post talks about a recent Hack-a-thon seminar in Boston and how the bright participants came up with tech-oriented solutions to social challenges.

Big firms can enhance social mobility in 2017 by committing to buy from social enterprises 

This article looks into “buying social” and how it can help improve Britain’s equality and social inclusion.



5 Social Entrepreneurship Essentials

Whether it is hope, audacity, or dealing with disappointment, this article walks you through dealing with the ups and downs and emotions you need to face as a social entrepreneur.

Celebrating the Unbreakable Tenacity of Women Entrepreneurs 

Read about how women have been making waves in the world of entrepreneurship.


For links and suggestions, send us a message at with “TWISE” in the subject line. We greatly value your input!


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This week in Social Entrepreneurship: Upcoming Summits, Available Podcasts, and More!


Want to join summits for social entrepreneurship? We listed down some for you.

With just a little over two weeks remaining in 2016, we are back with events, reports, and articles in the world of social entrepreneurship to keep on your radar starting this week.


Opportunities and Events

The Moroccan Social Entrepreneurship Summit – Dec 17, Morocco 

Register for free at the Moroccan Social Entrepreneurship Summit, brought to you by the Moroccan CISE and JCI Rabat. It will be a day full of speakers, presentations, and awards to review and recognise achievements in the social innovation sphere within the community. Be there on December 17, 8:30 AM – 8:00 PM (WET, UTC+00:00).

Starting a Social Enterprise – Jan 25 2017, Christchurch NZ  

If you find yourself in Christchurch, New Zealand on January 25 and would want to learn more about starting a social enterprise, Akina Foundation has just the workshop for you. You will learn about starting with a purpose, the social enterprise business model, testing ideas with customers, and the next steps to consider as you launch. Tickets range from $10 – $20.

Social Enterprise World Forum 2017 – Sept 27-29, 2017, Christchurch NZ

This coming year, the Social Enterprise World Forum, where an international community of policy makers, social entrepreneurs, community leaders, investors, academics, and more come together, will be hosted in Christchurch, New Zealand. Join the 3-day forum from September 27-29, 2017. Book your tickets now and receive the early bird discount until April 17.


News, Reports, and Insights

Social Entrepreneurship by Huffington Post 

Huffington Post has a social entrepreneurship section, which they provide in partnership with Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship. In this section, you will find quick links to blog posts, news items, and other interesting data. It serves as a quick dashboard to all things social entrepreneurship.

Modular sidewalk paving system harvest solar & kinetic energy, and is made from plastic 

PLATIO, a Hungarian startup, has found a way to convert energy from footsteps into clean electricity. They are harvesting solar energy from their roads and sidewalks. It is unconventional and innovative – the paving platform is even made of recycled plastic!

Racial Justice at Work: Beyond Black Lives Matter 

As part of insights in Corporate Social Responsibility, this article talks about race, social inequality, implicit bias, and how to talk about and address these issues in the workplace. Read for practical tips on what to do within your CSR management teams.



Inspiring Social Entrepreneurs: Podcasts 

Visit and subscribe to Inspiring Social Entrepreneurs to access a compilation of podcasts from various entrepreneurs and thought leaders about their experiences, knowledge, and ideas relevant to the industry. Currently, they are on Episode 66 and will post new updates weekly.

7 tips for succeeding as a social entrepreneur 

This article talks about finding your cause, “soul-mates”, storytelling, launching products and services, leveraging passion, and so much more. Be sure to check it out!

The 7 Human Rights We Can Do Without 

As we celebrated Human Rights Day last December 10, Roger Hamilton, New York Times best-selling author and futurist & social entrepreneur, wrote about 7 human rights we can (and maybe should) live without.


If you have anything you would like to add to our next entries in this column, hit us up at Include “TWISE” in the subject line. We would love to hear from you!

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This week in Social Entrepreneurship: Events, Insights, and More!

Swiping like it ain't no thing.

We have quick links for you!

We are in exciting times as this year comes to a close. While you may be busy planning your year-end activities, we wanted to keep you updated with what’s been happening and what’s to come in the world of social entrepreneurship.

We listed down a few events, some news reports, resources, and articles you might want to check out!

Opportunities and Events

Be an IMPACT Fellow!

IMPACT specialises in world-changing social enterprise education and invests in young minds by providing  opportunities and experiences that would allow them to hone their ambitions into social impact. If this is something you would want to be a part of, fellowship applications are open until 16 December, 11:59PM.

Social Enterprise Design Challenge 2017

StartSomeGood, together with The English Family Foundation, is looking for more social enterprises to support. This matched funding program might just be what you need to kickstart the launch of your social enterprise. Apply until 31 January 2017!

Global Social Entrepreneurship Summit –  February 23-25, 2017, Mumbai

Join other students in using the design thinking process to solve a need in their local community. This summit will bring together successful change-makers whom you can learn from. Registration deadline is January 15, 2017.

News, Reports, Insights

Social Entrepreneurship in the times of refugee crisis 

Do you ever wonder what social entrepreneurship actually does in this time of refugee crisis? Read this insightful article to find out.

E-Books for Social Entrepreneurs

Here are 4 e-books you might find interesting. The topics are on: (1) working in collaboration with local and indigenous communities, (2) the top not-to-do list for public consultation strategy design, (3) influence of social media in changing public consultation landscape, and (4) transform your public consultation strategies & drive project success.

How impact investing can reach the mainstream

McKinsey&Company talks about impact investing and how today’s tools and standards help ensure that social entrepreneurship is a more influential practice.


How to Balance the Demands of “Go Slow” with “Go Fast”

Read this to see what See Change Magazine has to say about navigating the “patient urgency” tension.

10 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Help Build a Nation that Wants Better for Everyone 

A relevant question: How do entrepreneurs as individuals ensure that they help maintain the peace to build a better nation in a chaotic environment?

7 Companies Empower You to Give Gifts That Give Back

With the holidays coming up, this list of companies that not only allow you to buy cool presents, but also let you give back to those in need may just be your helper as you go gift-shopping.


Let us know if you have events, opportunities, resources, news, insights, and other articles you would like to share. Email us at with “TWISE” in the subject line.


A cheat-sheet of great opportunities for Australian Social Enterprises

one night stand

Jamie Green of One Night Stand sleepwear, a social enterprise which raises funds for homeless relief, and who was supported by ING DIRECT’s Dreamstarter.

This is an exciting time to be founding or growing a social enterprise in Australia, with a rapid build-out of a supportive ecosystem of organisations here to help entrepreneurs and enterprises succeed. As about 1/3 of our projects are currently from Australia (which makes it our equal biggest market with the US) and we have members of our team there who keep abreast of such things, we thought it would be worth summarising these opportunities as a cheat-sheet for Aussie entrepreneurs.

This is the first of a series of posts which will provide similar cheat-sheets for the US, UK, Canada, SE Asia and elsewhere.

Incubators, Accelerators and Leadership Programs

Need to discover your purpose, refine your idea or get serious about scale? Whichever stage you’re at one of the great programs below can help you take that next step!

School for Social Entrepreneurs
The School for Social Entrepreneurs started in the UK and launched in Australia in 2009. It now runs programs in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth, helping aspiring social entrepreneurs to develop a clear theory of change and identify how to move forward with their vision.

Centre for Sustainability Leadership
The Centre for Sustainability Leadership (CSL) is another entrepreneurial leadership program – with a more environmental bent – to help people become “future makers”. They have programs for intrapreneurial leadership as well as a program for rural leaders.

One10 is a new social enterprise accelerator in Melbourne which works closely with enterprises to get them growing and ready to raise investment. The One10 accelerator program last for about 12 weeks, the program is tailored to each individual or business. They work to strengthen your market strategy, to help you commercialise, and to support your rapid growth.

Social Traders’ Crunch
The Crunch, run by Social Traders, has been around for five years and has worked with 100 social enterprises. They help participating enterprises grow capacity in creating jobs, business sustainability, waste reduction, accessible housing and more.

Impact Accelerator
Impact Accelerator is a Brisbane-based 20 week program dedicated to supporting social enterprise startup and early stage entrepreneurs achieve sustainable and scalable impact. The program includes 160 direct hours of contact with every social entrepreneur and is great for new, launching enterprises.

INCUBATE is an award-winning startup accelerator and entrepreneur program at the University of Sydney. INCUBATE fosters a proactive community of entrepreneurs on campus by providing funding, co-working space and mentoring from Australia’s most recognised entrepreneurs to accelerate the growth of high-potential startups. The program is open to students, researchers and alumni at the University of Sydney and is expanding across Australia.

Two Feet by The Difference Incubator
Two Feet, a new program run by The Difference Incubator, helps you build your organisation’s understanding and capacity on your journey to becoming investable. This six month program is structured into fortnightly group sessions and a monthly one-on-one coaching session which will explore the key aspects that you need to build into your business in order to grow an Investable Social Enterprise

Funding and Investment

Social Enterprises may have a sustainable business model but like many startups you may require investment to fully realise this. If this describes your enterprise here are a few opportunities you should look into.

Dreamstarter by ING DIRECT
Over the past three years ING DIRECT have supported 50 community projects – including many social enterprises – through their Dreamstarter program. If selected they will provide up to half your fundraising goal, then support you to raise the rest on StartSomeGood.

Some of the entrepreneurs supported by Dreamstarter last year

Some of the entrepreneurs supported by Dreamstarter last year

SEFA –Social Enterprise Finance Australia – is one of Australia’s leading lenders to mission-led organisations. SEFA provides tailored finance solutions to mission led organisations and are deeply committed to fostering positive social and environmental impact. They have recently launched a worlds-first collaboration with StartSomeGood to use crowdfunding success as a qualifying instrument for a loan. Find out more here.

Foresters Community Finance
Foresters provides community finance loans for social enterprises and non-profit organisations who are looking to grow and develop. These will be on relatively commercial terms.

Myer Innovation Fellowship
This doesn’t have to be a social enterprise but can be and is one of the great opportunities in the Australian social change sector. The Myer Innovation Fellowships supports Australia’s brightest, self-directed leaders to forge breakthrough solutions and articulate actionable ideas which compel our community to respond. Fellows will take nine months away from their current role to pursue a nascent idea that has the capacity to radically shift our approaches to the challenges facing the social and environmental sectors in Australia today. Fellows will each receive $100,000 for their nine month commitment to the program along with select administrative and operational support.

Local Government Funding
A number of Australian local governments have social enterprise funding programs. At StartSomeGood we’ve worked with the Cities of Melbourne (Pitch for Good), Parramatta (Parramatch) and Fremantle (Freomatch) to showcase great social entrepreneurs and support them to crowdfund additional support, matching that with government funding. So don’t forget to check out your local council for opportunities.

Impact Investment Readiness Fund
The Impact Investment Readiness Fund provides mission-driven organisations with targeted advice and support to help them secure investment for scaling up their social or environmental impact. The Fund offers grants of up to $100,000 for enterprises to purchase specialised capacity building support from providers such as advisory, financial, intermediary or legal services.

10×10 supports emerging charities and social enterprises across Australia through live crowdfunding events with 100 participants contributing a minimum of $100 and three organisations pitching for their support.

The Funding Network
TFN is an Australian non-profit organisation that hosts live collective-giving events where like-minded individuals, foundations and corporations come together to create powerful social change. At each event, four social entrepreneurs running grassroots non-profit organisations pitch for funding from a philanthropic audience. In six-minute segments our speakers share their inspiring stories and invite guests to become part of innovative solutions to community issues. TFN has raised $3.1 million for 94 organisations so far.

Crowdfunding with StartSomeGood!
Have to put this on the list. We love working with social enterprises and help them reach their goals at a very high rate. You don’t necessarily need the approval of institutional investors if you have an engaged community ready to support you and be early adopters of what you’re offering!

Events and Learning Opportunities

Events can be a source of knowledge and of community. They’re how you build your community and where you can find natural partners, collaborators and mentors, as well as where you can learn many of the essential skills to social enterprise success.

General Assembly
General Assembly transforms thinkers into creators through education and opportunities in technology, business, and design. They offer an incredible array of workshops and courses, on and offline (in Sydney and Melbourne, and another 17 locations worldwide) in everything a startup would need. Coding, design, customer development, marketing, data analytics and more. Doesn’t have a social focus but if you need to skill up on the hard skills to make your vision fly this is the place to look.

Link Festival
Link Festival is a wonderful conference which covers design, technology and social change, and for the first time this year takes place in Sydney in additional to Melbourne. Link bring together Australia’s leading and emerging social innovators and future makers along with students, startups and academics. Link 2016 takes place the first week of March and you can still get a ticket.

Nexus Youth Summit
Nexus is a global movement to bridge communities of wealth and social entrepreneurship. Nexus works to unite young investors, social entrepreneurs and allies to catalyse new leadership and accelerate global solutions. Applications have closed for the next Nexus Youth Summit Australia in March but it’s worth keeping an eye on the network of Nexus events happening around the world.

Social Enterprise Awards
The Social Enterprise Awards recognise and celebrate excellence in social enterprise in Australia. As the only national awards, this is your opportunity to tell your social enterprise story and be recognised for leading the way in addressing social, environmental or community issues. The awards take place towards the end of the year and are organised by Social Traders.

Entrepreneurs & Co
Entrepreneurs & Co hold monthly events in Melbourne which focus on how to start, fundraise for and grow a social enterprise.

Sprout Summit
Sprout Summit is a one-day event for emerging leaders who want to create positive impact by joining a non-profit board or starting their own non-profit or social enterprise. Sprout Summit will equip emerging leaders with the practical tools, processes and insights to create positive impact and drive successful change.

Their next conference is in Melbourne in July.

StartSomeGood CEO Tom Dawkins presenting at Sprout Summit last year.

StartSomeGood CEO Tom Dawkins presenting at Sprout Summit last year.

In additional to their accelerator One10 run regular events and workshops about pitching, fundraising, building product and other key entrepreneurial topics, mostly in Melbourne.

IMPACT Social Enterprise National Conference
IMPACT Social Enterprise holds a national conference in August each year for young innovators around the country to come together and engage with the idea of social enterprise. They introduce participants to the knowledge and skills required for tackling social problems with business models and innovation, and support these young people as they develop enterprises.

The first Purpose conference took place in December and was wonderful. Wildwon, the team behind it, have made no commitments about doing it again but I’m sticking this here in the hope they do. If they do you should go.