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Starting Right: Building Your Morning Routine

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The [social] entrepreneur bug is a dangerous one. One bite and you’re infected. You know what I’m talking about, right?

If not, let me remind you – it’s that week leading up to your annual event where every waking minute is grind time OR it’s that 1:41am inspiration that leads to a spur of the moment work session.

“I had a frenetic pace without any kind of routine and I knew I needed to create some kind of grounding.”Matthew Abrams, Mycelium Co-Founder

Morning routines sound great in theory, but transitioning them to the real world can be a challenge. We work harder when we’re passionate, and social entrepreneurs have no shortage of passion. While it might seem difficult to think about taking 45 minutes (about 3%) out of your day, did you know that you might actually be able to get MORE done? Here’s how:

  1. There are a number of common morning routine elements that can make you live longer, exercise being the most commonly researched. And while we (myself included) might struggle with getting in a full workout each day ever, even just 15 minutes of light exercise per day could make a difference.
  1. On the day to day you can be more proactive, focused and even proactive. It should come as no surprise that those minutes you trade off in the morning can result in a better you all day long, from the food you eat to a morning visualization

Where Do You Start?

This was the challenge I ran into and I bet you have too. Even though there are countless studies and list posts and no shortage of people saying to start a morning routine, I didn’t know how to make morning routines work for me.

I needed examples of real entrepreneurs doing their real morning routines. My quest lead me through hundreds of morning routines (resulting in an ebook) including interviewing almost forty entrepreneurs like StartSomeGood’s own Tom Dawkins:

“I’ve definitely learned about the power of habit and the importance of sticking with something. I also feel that focusing my mind on gratitude for even thirty focused seconds a day has helped me contextualize and cope with the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur.”Tom Dawkins, StartSomeGood CEO & Co-Founder

The infographic below (click to expand) displays some of the top insights from examining the morning routines of over 100 entrepreneurs. If you like the quote above or the data below, I invite you to check out Win YOUR Day on Amazon especially while it’s just $1 for the next 48 hours.



Now it’s your turn – what does your morning routine look like now? And if you had to add/change one thing, what would it be?

Jonathon Knepper is a digital strategist, efficiency nerd, hot sauce fanatic and lover of great eats. He’s called the Internet home since the early 2000s. When he’s not working (and sometimes when he is) you can find him traveling with his wife, daughter and soon to be newborn daughter. You can learn more about him on or connect on Twitter @jonknep.

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