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The first crowdfunding platform with a jingle?

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We were delighted recently at StartSomeGood to receive a surprise message from Veil Rising, a musical group who have previously run a campaign on our site, with a link to a new video they’ve posted which turned out to be a jingle they’ve composed for us! As they said, “no other crowdfunding platform has a jingle” which may be true but I haven’t fact-checked it so we’ll make the claim a question. Regardless, this is awesome! It’s a great sign of the special relationship we aim to build with our users. We care about every project on our site and the people behind them, and work our hardest to help every one succeed. To see a member of our community resonate with that mission and feel inspired to express that in song on our behalf is really special. Thank you guys!


Author: StartSomeGood

StartSomeGood is the crowdfunding platform for social enterprise, non-profits and community groups. We've funded projects in 35 countries and have one of the best success rates in crowdfunding.

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