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30 Wishes Which Need to Come True

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Make A Wish

Make-A-Wish Australia is celebrating 30 years of granting wishes in Australia with 30 crowdfunding campaigns to grant 30 wishes on StartSomeGood. This is easily a record for the most campaigns launched by a single organisation on our site and we’re very proud to be working with such an inspiring organisation. We hope you’ll get behind some of our current wishes and help to make them come true.

Each brave boy and girl, who is each facing their own battle with a life-threatening illness, has given a lot of thought to their most cherished wish. They have painted, drawn and chatted non-stop about how amazing it would be for their wish to come true!

You might relate to one or more of these special wishes. Maybe you have a green thumb, so know what joy a garden will bring? Do you love the beach, and can help grant a young boy’s wish for a surfboard? Or do you adore animals and can see the joy of a puppy best friend would bring?

Your very generous donation towards any one of these wishes will bring hope, strength and joy to one or more of these inspiring kids.

To find your special wish visit – and become part of the #WishCrew helping to make cherished wishes come true.

Such as helping create a sensory garden to bring the joy of music, sound, and touch to Isabel’s life.


Seven-year-old Isabel’s diagnosis with extremely rare Ring Chromosome 9 means every single day is a challenge. And her future is unknown.

A unique wish for a sensory garden will give Isabel endless joy and strength to keep up the fight.

You can help bring something positive into this family’s life by granting Emma’s wish for a Pomeranian Puppy.


Throughout Emma’s journey she has fallen in love with dogs. Emma was given a stuffed toy puppy which she takes everywhere, especially when she goes to hospital.

To Emma, a real life puppy would mean companionship and strength to get her through the tough times.

Or you can be a real-life superhero so Callum can receive the super-healing power of a wish.


Callum needs superhuman strength to fight his cancer. Granting Callum’s most cherished wish will bring him and his family the hope and strength they need to push through his treatment and overcome his cancer.

With your help, Callum, Marie and Grace will be taken on a family adventure where Callum will meet some of his favourite superheroes.

These are just three of the 30 wishes Make A Wish is crowdfunding over the next two months. The first ten wishes are now live so please check them out, find the one that speaks to you and help make a child’s life that much better as they and their family go through an extraordinary difficult time.

You can see all the wishes on their Network Page.

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